Do you want to have real time notifications about your server downtime?

We monitor your servers so that you don't have to.

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What are we?
We are an easy way to help monitor your web servers, so you don't need to think about it.
What is the payment model?
You pay based on the number of tests you want and how many team mates you would like. What this means is you could have 5 servers being monitored, or 5 tests being run on the same server (or mix and match!).
Modes of communication
As of right now, we have four modes of communication: Email, Slack, Cachet and SMS. However, that will change over time, we plan to add things such as, text messages, etc.
What are these tests?
There are currently:
  • Ping - Pings your server
  • Website Content - Ensures that specific content is available on your site
  • Website Status Code - Ensures that a specific status code is received when hitting a page
  • Redirect to SSL - Ensures that your site will automatically redirect to SSL
  • Verify SSL Certificate - Ensures that your SSL certificate is valid
  • Verify Redirection - Ensures that if you visit a page, you get redirected accordingly
  • Port Open - Ensures that a specific port for your server is externally accessible
  • Port Closed - Ensures that a specific port for your server is not accessible
  • Domain Name Registration Expiration - Ensures that your domain name isn't expiring soon *
Once your tests are set up and are running (based on your selected schedule), they will start showing up in your dashboard so that you can see how long the tests ran over the past 24 hours.
* Available for limited TLDs


Last Incident Found: 47 minutes ago
Total Incidents Found: 15,875
Total Trace Routes Provided: 9,564

Where do we test from?

Available Plans


$70 CAD/year

2 tests
5 team mates
Up to 2 servers monitored
Automated traceroutes as needed


$140 CAD/year

10 tests
10 team mates
Up to 10 servers monitored
Automated traceroutes as needed


$250 CAD/year

40 tests
20 team mates
Up to 40 servers monitored
Automated traceroutes as needed